About us

A company with a passion for quality

Since the opening of its first restaurant in Quebec City in 2002, Yuzu sushi has transformed the city’s gastronomic scene with its innovative culinary creations. It did not take long for Yuzu sushi to become a favourite of “sushivores”, which led to another promising new concept: Yuzu sushi franchises.

On top of constantly renewing its menus and paying careful attention to the quality and freshness of its products, Yuzu sushi continuously meets its customers’ needs through exciting promotions.

One thing for sure, Yuzu sushi never compromises on taste. Our foundational values of quality, innovation, and consistency are evident in both our company culture and in our customer-oriented service, refined food, and urban restaurants.

The company has been rapidly expanding since 2005 and now has about 140 locations in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick.

After all these years of building a solid, high-performance network full of potential and growth opportunities, it's in July 2019 that MTY Group aquires Yuzu sushi and Yuzu sushi express franchise network.

Yuzu sushi means a passion for quality!